Nature’s Collector’s Garden is open for spring collecting!

It’s the end of February, and finally the snow is melting away. So, the Nature Collector’s Garden at 1003 South Elmwood in Oak Park is officially open for spring collecting!

Nature Collector’s Garden celebrates it’s 20th anniversary on May 13, 2021. We are planning something special to recognize that date.

Nature Collector’s Garden is at 1003 South Elmwood in Oak Park, Illinois.

The garden gnomes uncover new natural history specimens every morning.

What can you find in Nature Collector’s Garden?

You will find specimens like these, and more, at Nature Collector’s Garden!

— — — —

In case you missed it, here’s a link to a Wednesday Journal article about Nature Collector’s Garden that was published this past winter: “A neighbor who rocks”

Back in 2001, we called this patch of our front yard “Rock Hound Garden.” This archived page from our old Salt the Sandbox website includes a photo of the Rock Hound Garden.

By 2009, we were calling our rocky patch the “Collector’s Garden” and advertising it on our Neighborhood Nature blog. (Sorry, but the links on this page are broken.)

Look here for posts about upcoming specials to celebrate the Nature Collector’s Garden 20th anniversary!

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