Fossil shark and ray teeth from Africa

This Open-at-Home Bag contains fossil teeth and bones from sharks, rays, and other sea creatures. The fossils were collected from phosphate mines in Morocco, Africa. The teeth and bones are from animals that lived just before or just after the end of the age of dinosaurs (between 45 and 70 million years ago).

The Fossil Shark and Ray Teeth from Africa Open-at-Home Bag includes a baggie with teeth and bone fragments from sharks, rays, and other creatures that lived in Africa millions of years ago, plus a postcard that identifies many of the fossils.

According to the Ancient Earth Trading Company website, the teeth were the left behind from mining in the world’s largest phosphate mines in central Morocco. “Local miners will collect and pocket small specimens, like these, throughout the workday to trade later in the local markets. The mines are so vast, they are going through so many layers of strata, they will churn up a mix of teeth from the Cretaceous to the Eocene Period.”

The Open-at-Home Bag includes a postcard that identifies many of the fossils. You can buy a poster-sized version of this card (or more postcards) at the online Prehistoric Planet Store:

Postcard available from the online Prehistoric Planet Store

The Fossil Guy also has a web page about fossil shark teeth from Morocco:

If you’ve looked at the postcard and still have trouble identifying something in your bag, email a photo of the fossil to Mr. Eric at, and he will try to help.